“Observe and ask students about their hobbies and suggest activities based on their interests.” – Margaryta Kaliuzhna, Ukraine

Even for the most seasoned of expert educators, motivating students and implementing real-life scenarios into curriculum can be a challenging task. For Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Margaryta Kaliuzhna, it all comes down to putting the student at the center of their learning.

“Observe and ask students about their hobbies and suggest activities based on their interests,” Kaliuzhna says. “Collaborate with other organizations in the local community so students can help to solve the real-world problems.”

And when it comes to keeping her students engaged, Kaliuzhna has found that few things generate interest and excitement as much as visual learning, whether through video, Skype in the Classroom, Twitter, or Microsoft Teams.

Students observe and discuss ideas, and generate questions on their different views of the subject,” she says. “They try to solve the problems and suggest evidence. It helps me to uncover their deepening understanding of the themes of the lesson.”

Along with a digital escape room activity that Kaliuzhna has added to her lessons to promote collaboration and communication, she regularly uses emotional reflection and mood journaling to build emotional intelligence skills.

You can connect with Margaryta on Twitter, her blog, or the Microsoft Educator Community.

About Margaryta Kaliuzhna

  • Educational background: Kirovohrad Volodymyr Vynnychenko State Pedagogical University
  • Favorite Microsoft product, tool, technology: OneNote, Flipgrid
  • Favorite books: Anything by Agatha Christie. 
  • Website I check everyday: Twitter 
  • Favorite childhood memory: Visiting Georgia.
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